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Alex Ferrara alex at receptiveit.com.au
Tue Jul 20 19:05:28 WST 2010

Squirrelmail is definately the way to go. It will work with any imap server, and with the avelsieve plugin, you can even do server side mail filtering (think vacation message).

HTTPS is a web server config and squirrelmail doesn't really care. I usually put a redirect on a http address so users can simply type "mail.domain.com.au" in a browser to get webmail on https.


On 20/07/2010, at 8:57 PM, William Kenworthy wrote:

> On Tue, 2010-07-20 at 18:39 +0800, Brad Campbell wrote:
>> G'day all.
>> I don't want to start a religious war here, but I'd like some advice.
>> I've never set up or run a webmail system before, but I kinda need to now.
>> I have a co-located server. It runs Debian stable. It runs mail for about 6 domains and it really 
>> only serves about 4 users. (Exim4 virtual hosting). I run qpopper for pop3 access, and all clients 
>> access the mail over an openvpn tunnel. The only ports open to the world are 22, 53 & 80. It's 
>> firewalled very tightly.
>> I've had some issues of late that have made me wish I had the ability to access the mail using a web 
>> client. I guess I have to transition to imap to make this work, and I'm not adverse to doing that.
>> I don't want standard web access, it must be https only.
>> SquirrelMail is the first one that comes to mind, but I really have _no_ idea. I'm open to any 
>> suggestions.
>> All suggestions will be thoroughly beaten in a VM prior to a decision being made.
>> I thought about just having the mail server copy all E-mails to a GMail account, but there are 
>> privacy issues associated with that I can't compromise.
>> Ta :)
>> Brad
> War it is!
> I have squirrelmail setup (gentoo/apache) for just this purpose - used
> to work fine until firefox started checking the SSL certs more closely -
> I have set them up wrong (self signed, but didnt enter the domain
> correctly - I think) - not squirrelmails fault :(
> Some simpler browsers still work though.
> Downside with squirrelmail is that on a poor link (i.e., overseas from
> Thailand where I think the link to Australia is a 9.6kbit modem :), its
> very slooooowwwww.  Its security history has also been spotty over the
> years.
> I like the interface better than most other webmail clients Ive seen.
> BillK
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