[plug] Physical to digital mail scanning service?

Bill Kenworthy billk at iinet.net.au
Wed Jul 21 10:48:41 WST 2010

Your ISP? - iinet does this for their accounts.  Some of my email
accounts are set to mark and forward, others to drop.  Its better than a
local spamassassin and if something (which doesnt happen often) gets
through the iinet filters, spamassassin with various blacklists usually
doesnt pick it up either :(

Ive been using a "gentoo mail filtering server" (setup guide on the
gentoo website) for quite a few years and it worked "ok" until the
spammers started getting sophisticated.  Chaining it with iinet
pre-marking and then filtering on the marks via procmail before feeding
to spamassassin fixed that.

They appear to be using IronPort: "X-ironport-anti-spam-filtered: true"

Running it through a google mail account may be an alternative -
personally I wouldnt but some people dont seem to care :(


 2010-07-21 at 10:13 +0800, Carl Gherardi wrote:
> Hi all,
> Good to see the list is back.
> My Google-fu is failing at the moment.
> I'm hopeless when it comes to managing physical mail - i guess i'm a
> product of digital times.
> I'm trying to find an Australian service that I can redirect my smail
> mail to be scanned and forward to me as email.
> Does anyone know of such a service?
> Carl G
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