[plug] Anyone monitoring the plug committee emails?

Tim White weirdit at gmail.com
Tue Mar 9 14:41:32 WST 2010

Hi Ari.

Yes people are monitoring them. I've not seen anything come through on 
the Committee email from you.
It does seem though, that a number of emails from people are not getting 
through to lists or committee. I'm willing to blame the spam filter (as 
I've been suspecting it for a few months now of catching legit mail) but 
until I finish the migration to the new server, I'm a little stuck about it.

Please don't fret though. If you find an email (anyone) not getting 
through, I invite you to try emailing me directly, or try the PLUG list.



On 09/03/10 12:48, Ari wrote:
> So far emails to the treasurer and committee have not been responded 
> to. If you want to increase membership, it might be a good idea to 
> acknowledge when someone has paid their membership fee and emailed you 
> regarding it. :-(
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