[plug] Talk Tonight - May 11th

Tim White weirdit at gmail.com
Tue May 11 13:19:25 WST 2010

Hey. I did send an email earlier last week, but due to server problems, 
it may have not gotten through.
We have a talk tonight, 7:30pm. Futuresphere at Christ Church Grammar (I 
think that's right).
I plan on doing a talk about a Hotspot System I've been working on for 
the last 3 years. It may or may not be ready by tonight due to us being 
in the process of packing to move. So if anyone has a short talk they 
want to present, and can be ready, please bring that along and we may 
have a few short talks.
I hope to see lots of people tonight, but would understand if people 
didn't get the original email due to server issues.



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