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James Bromberger james at rcpt.to
Tue Nov 9 11:11:13 WST 2010

On 09/11/2010 10:50, Michael Holland wrote:
>> could bring along my Arduino[1]
> Does it run Linux? A micro-controller seems a bit last-century when
> there are so many low-power 32-bit ARM SoC gadgets floating about.
> That's not necessarily a bad thing though - it was more fun when
> things were simpler.
> Are you building a robot?

No, not Linux directly, it runs a language based upon "wiring". Its open
source based hardware; the spec is available freely for you to build
yourself. Or you can just buy one if you cant be bothered to do good
soldering yourself. :) I see its $37 from littlebirdelectronics.com [1].

Not building a robot, but tinkering with home automation and security:
Beam breaks for intrusion detection, reed switches for door/gate opening
detection, RFID card reader. My eventual plan is to have this submit
events to a log (MySQL), gathering data from multiple sources (including
from web cams, etc), and possibly have it open gates/doors based upon
presentation of a recognised RFID card (like your SmartRider, Credit
Card or Oyster or whatever card you are already carrying).

Think of it as "multiple IO pins on a USB device plugged into my Linux
box" more than as a standalone system.

I'll bring along the RFID boards and beam break board. Basically I have
the "Arduino starter kit", plus a few other components. If you want to
tinker with hardware, and haven't done so before, its an option.

There is an Ethernet "shield" available for it, which I think can have a
very limited IPv4 stack on it, and I think I saw someone playing with an
IPv6 stack as well - but very alpha.

[1] I have no relationship with, or have ever heard of, this company,
before looking up a supplier fro this in Australia for you.
See also http://toysdownunder.com. Likewise, no affiliation.

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