[plug] Exploring world of ipv6 - tunnels

Craig Foster Craig at fostware.net
Wed Nov 17 10:01:13 WST 2010

Not many people are actively using IPv6 but like peak oil, there are kludges to extend its lifetime, PR exercises about reclaiming limited resources, and a group of oft-ridiculed 'revolutionaries' that come off a little preachy...
(Shovel? What do I need a shovel for?)

You may as well learn now, before some poor website owner or online service is told they can't get a IPv4 address... 

So far it's mainly ISPs that are holding things up (Not Internode of course). Even the Airport Express has IPv6 tunnel support for 12 months now.

Personally it hasn't been too difficult, after the penny dropped about the different IPv6 addresses (3+ of them :P) and how DHCP doesn't know about the routing as it's done by router advertisement.
Oh, and once things are working expect some weird slowness every so often, as IPv6 is the default protocol meaning lookups and connections will attempt IPv6 first if the other server supports it.


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> Is anyone actually seriously using IPv6 at the home or small business level? - or
> is it only backbone/ISP uplinks and the like.
> and is anyone IPv6 only yet?
> BillK

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