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Hi Bill, 
I use the Cisco 857W for all my SOHO sites.
Support is spot on and quite fast in helping you set them up if you do not
know the IOS language.  The Adv Security IOS can handle multiple SSID,
Multiple VPN, firewalling, etc.



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I am about to pass my old access point onto one of the kids to use on
moving out of home.  So I am looking for a new one!

The linksys WRT150N with DDWRT has worked well for a few years, though
it cant do vlans.  As it seems the latest linksys devices are poorly
designed/constructed hardware with lots of dissatisfied users I am
looking at what else is out there?

Requirements are N mode, DDWRT or openwrt capable, multiple SSID with
vlan ability.  It will be bridged to a linux box which does all the

The Buffalo Technology Nfiniti WZR-HP-G300NH looks interesting - anyone
used these or other Buffalo gear at all?


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