[plug] [OT] Purchasing "Nettops" in Australia

Kevin Shackleton kevins at reachnet.com.au
Fri Oct 8 18:42:58 WST 2010

Not really sure what you're after Tim, but have you looked at

It's Linux, after telnetting:

/ # uname -a
Linux RTD1283 #10 Thu Feb 4 16:40:57 KST 2010 mips



On Fri, 2010-10-08 at 12:05 +1000, Tim wrote:
> I'm trying to locate places in Australia that sell Nettops for turning
> into a media centre at a decent price.
> In particular, nettops like the Acer Revo. I plan on setting up a
> small computer for my inlaws to use as a media centre, running XBMC.
> Ideally, it would have traditional TV out (Analog) as well as
> HDMI(DVI) out. And of course, it'll need a decent GPU and CPU for
> running a media centre.
> I've found lots of different things people are using by reading
> through XBMC forums and the likes, but can't seem to locate the said
> computers in australia. So ether an australia website that sells them,
> or a Perth/Brisbane shop that people know sell them.
> Thanks
> Tim

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