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Craig Foster Craig at fostware.net
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As a general reminder, remember to watch SIP firewalls and ACLs since an open 5060 is gold amongst phone spammers and scammers these days.
It's not aimed at anyone in particular, but we see misconfigurations all the time, and exploited systems more than we'd like.

Consider this a Community Service Announcement without the sketched cartoons or damn catchy songs :)

Craig F.

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It has changed a bit over the years. On my elastix box it is.

some notes:
rtp is udp so its no big deal having that many open ports
sip 5060 is tcp and udp

Generally i port forward udp 10,000-20,000 and tcp/udp 5060 to my asterisk server. But I only allow it from my VISP.

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