[plug] Unsupported ext3 features - debugfs?

Carl Gherardi carl.gherardi at gmail.com
Sat Oct 30 04:24:20 WST 2010

Hey Guys,

In the process of migrating an old Redhat 9 box to a new storage
array. For several reasons it was a lot simpler to create the new ext3
filesystem on another box which i did only to receive a message:

"Filesystem has unsupported feature(s)"

Which was a new one for me.

Found a really useful solution online in record Google-fu time

You can determine the features of an existing ext3 partition by using:

tune2fs -l <device>

In order to identify the differences between two filesystems created
by your different kernel/e2fsprogs versions I'd suggest formatting a
partition on each and comparing the tune2fs output.

You may then be able to remove the offending features from existing
partitions by using:

debugfs -w <device> -R 'features ^<feature>'

So i'm currently running 'debugfs -w <device> -R 'features ^ext_attr'
against about 170G worth of data.

Does anyone have any ideas on how long this will take? I'm in single
user mode and up to 40 minutes and starting to wonder if it is
actually doing anything.

Carl G

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