[plug] OpenSolaris, ZFS, RAID-Z Comments

Tim weirdit at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 10:25:11 WST 2010

Hey everyone
Been doing lots of reading on the net today about RAID's, which lead
me to RAID-Z and ZFS, which lead me to OpenSolaris.
So I thought I'd just ask for people to chime in with their thoughts
and experiences with ether OpenSolaris, ZFS or RAID-Z. And if you want
to talk about how RAID-Z/ZFS compares to other RAID, that RAID I'm
most interested in is RAID10 so don't worry about telling me how
RAID-5 sucks. :-P

Hope everyone is having a good time over in WA. Also, we still don't
have a talker for this month.



Timothy White - Somewhere in Australia

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