[plug] PLUG servers, and Meetings

Peter demo9 at gswd.com
Thu Sep 2 12:00:52 WST 2010

On 22/08/10 15:40, Tim wrote:
> I'm posting this both to the main list and ctte, as I see no reason
> for the general plug people not to be involved in the discussions.
> Firstly, I'm having some problems trying to connect to plug's
> webserver (shameless), so it would be good if we worked on a new
> website on the VPS server at some time. Suggestions welcome for CMS's,
> ideally something simple for everyone to use, but also powerful enough
> that we can have fancy things like "upcoming events" and other things
> like that.

As far as CMS's go, I've been using drupal for years and it is very 
flexible:  simple, yet powerful with hundreds of modules available.  
Most of what we (PLUG) are likely to need is already available in the 
basic install.

I could have a new site up and running using drupal in a couple of hours....

All I would need is access to the VPS....  and/or I could setup a demo 
site for everyone to view/comment/add to before going live...   (I could 
even host the website if required: Just need to change the DNS settings)

The current site still appears to be down.... so we would be starting 
with a clean slate.


> Secondly, this is mostly direct at Harry. Computer Angels holding page
> WAS on un, the server that died. I was attempting to get into
> shameless to see if I could find a copy of the holding page. If I can
> find a copy of the holding page, I'll update the DNS (spark is still
> running, ever faithful little box) to point to the VPS server, as I've
> already put an Apache vhost on there for computer angels.
> Lastly, as President I've somewhat let you guys down of recent due to
> having very limited internet for the last 3 or so months. I'm now
> settled in QLD, in a location that can't even get ADSL1 (it would if
> telstra put more dslams in), so am limited to mobile broadband still.
> But, I now have a good gateway machine setup, that gets great
> reception (weather dependent) and also makes connecting easy. So,
> hopefully my connection is stable enough that I can participate in
> plug still. I believe Skype works, so SIP should work too.
> So, out next meeting should be Sept 14th. I've not seen anything said
> about meetings since last meeting should have happened, and I've not
> heard if anything has been organised for Sept 14th. So firstly, the
> meeting should be at the normal place, the Futuresphere, Patrick will
> let us know if that can't happen. It should be 7:30pm WST.
> Do we have anyone who wishes to present a talk that night?
> Also, do we have anyone who wishes to play around with Ekiga (SIP) and
> see if we can have a "teleconference" for those who can't be there
> physically?
> Anyway, hopefully this'll spark some discussion, and we can have some
> PLUG stuff happening again!
> Thanks
> Tim

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