[plug] "Dropbox" like syncing to private servers

Tim weirdit at gmail.com
Thu Sep 30 09:07:01 WST 2010

Anyone have "Dropbox" or Ubuntu One style syncing to private servers?
I need some bzr repositories, and my Documents folder to by
syncronised between a number of machines that are intermittently
connected to the net. I have a private server that they can all sync
to, I just need the software. Rsync is fine for one way backups.
Unison works for 2 way, but is messy. Something like Dropbox is great,
but I want it to my personal server without using their servers. Also,
I need it to ether handle hard links (so update inplace to preserve
the link) or to be customisable as to how it handles symlinks.

Any ideas?


p.s. It doesn't need to be cross platform like dropbox, but must work
under Linux. If it is cross platform, that's a bonus.

Timothy White - Somewhere in Australia

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