[plug] PLUG Meeting this week - Tues 7:30pm.

James Bromberger james at rcpt.to
Sun Apr 10 20:51:43 WST 2011

On 10/04/2011 4:16 PM, home at oranges.id.au wrote:
> You guys have been taking notes, and will bundle this effort up into a
> presentation of what you did, what tools you used, and what you
> learned along the way... right? It's great to hear you've made so much
> progress so quickly.

So far we haven't done anything new - we've just implemented the
DVswitch infrastructure documented at:

Our proof of concept is this Tuesday at the meeting; and we're using
mostly temporarily borrowed equipment (cameras, PC for encoding). I'm
hoping to enthuse some more people to participate. If we have some
semi-success at this, then we need to identify what we need to purchase
to complete the set-up, and submit a grant proposal to Linux Australia.
We can then start to feel our way around the DVswitch suite of tools,
and see what is good, and what is not. We can do picture-in-picture, but
audio mixing is not there. We can stream from an image (I'm doing so
now) and from a pre-recorded file (will do on Tuesday if we have enough
CPU grunt to compress on the fly).

But yes, as we start to develop something, we plan to document and make
this into a howto - along with suppliers, models, etc so it can be
repeated here if necessary.


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