[plug] PLUG Meeting this week - Tues 7:30pm.

Peter demo9 at gswd.com
Tue Apr 12 21:45:20 WST 2011

On 10/04/11 12:09, James Bromberger wrote:
>   This week's meeting in Katanning!
> With the advent of a live stream, comes our first regional gathering 
> in Katanning. Anyone within travelling distance of Katanning is 
> welcome to join Peter Taekema at Great Southern Computer Services to 
> try and watch the video stream and chat about .. well, anything... 
> from 7pm onwards at 96 Clive Street, Katanning (08 9821 7306). There's 
> a pizza shop next door so you'll be able to get in the spirit! :)
> PLUG is very open to anyone else outside of the metro area who also 
> want to hold a mini-PLUG get together to also try and watch the stream 
> (again, if it works!! :) ) and chat with other like-minded people 
> around them. We're conscious that we're a big state, and not everyone 
> can make it into Perth for a PLUG meeting; if you're in another region 
> and would like to welcome others to discuss/debate/(dis)agree on Linux 
> & Open Source then let us know and you can host a regional gathering 
> of PLUG.

Thanks for an excellent first 'Virtual meeting' guys.  Can't say I'm an 
expert in .... whatever the guy in the yellow shirt was on about (sorry 
Harry) but Jim and I enjoyed the company and the pizza.

Now that the first few kinks have been ironed out, it should be even 
better next time.

There will be pizza and hopefully even more good company in Katanning in 
a few weeks time.

Thanks AV team.... and everyone else.

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