[plug] PLUG Meeting this week - Tues 7:30pm.

Daniel Axtens danielax at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 00:07:56 WST 2011

> We encountered background noise (from downstairs at the UCC?) that
> drowned out alot of what Harry was saying, for a while (it sounded
> like an ongoing fight or something, in the background), then it
> appeared to be filtered out (somewhere around 8:o'clock, I think). I
> assume that the background noise was filtered out, when it was put
> through the MacBook? (I heard it said, at the end, that a MacBook had
> been used partway through)

Not having been able to listen, but from looking at the UCC webcams, I strongly suspect you may have experienced UCC's (in)famous gamers. You probably were hearing an ongoing battle, albeit a virtual one.

(an UCCan)

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