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Daniel Harmsworth danielharmsworth at gmail.com
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Fantastic! I will be following this with great interest. Great work Onno!

On 14 April 2011 08:51, Onno Benschop <onno at itmaze.com.au> wrote:

> After lots of time has passed – a reflection on my workload rather than
> interest, I've finally got something to show and tell.
> I've spent some time discussing this with the AUSkey developers at the ATO
> and together we've come up with the following idea:
> Create a place where users can come to find out about AUSkey and Linux. It
> is expected to become a place that new users can come for information and a
> place where ATO support can direct community support questions.
> I've created a web-site, a mailing list and updated my original CSI on
> Linux documents to reflect the current AUSkey environment.
> Note that this is intended to be a community effort, so I'm expecting
> brickbats and bouquets from all who enter.
> http://auskey.itmaze.com.au/
> Feel free to email me directly, onno at itmaze.com.au, or subscribe to the
> list. Note that the only subscriber right now is me, but I hope and expect
> that to change.
> I've been given commitment from ATO individuals that they will be
> participating, but you should know up front that this is intended to be a
> technical discussion only, so don't expect to find information about how to
> lodge your BAS or run your business :)
> For those of you who have helped me personally over the years, thank you
> for your support and encouragement.
> If you have concerns or questions, post to the list, or send me an email.
> Enjoy,
> Onno Benschop – ITmaze
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