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Andrew Furey andrew.furey at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 13:08:42 WST 2011

Yes that would be Mr. Malcolm, although he's been in Malaysia doing IP
law there for the last few years, so not sure how current he is...

I'll pass on in any case.


On 1 August 2011 12:58, Bret Busby <bret at busby.net> wrote:
> Hello.
> Years ago, PLUG had a member, who was a lawyer, who gave a presentation
> about intellectualy property, copyright, and compasrisobs of different
> licences.
> I think his name was Jeremy <some name>, and his email address was in the
> id.au domain.
> He had a legal practice in Perth, relating to that area of law, from memory.
> A message has ben posted to the Linux Australia list, by a lecturer in an
> eastern states university, who wants some pointers on Australian
> intellectual property law.
> I thought that, if this lawyer is around, or, if anyone knows how to contact
> him, and if he is current in Australian intellectual property law, he may be
> able to help.
> Does anyone know who I am describing, and, whether he can be contacted?
> Thank you in anticipation.
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