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Chris Hoy Poy chris at hoypoy.id.au
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Hi Greg, 

Its all about cable management. If you can't touch a server without the risk of snagging a cable, its all #fail. 

Whether its shelved, racked, whatever - get the cables right! both power and network. Use your resources to plan cable management for your environment properly. 

It'll save your sanity when its all going pear shaped as well ;) 


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Hi everyone,
Do any of you manage, or at least work nearby a server room which
doesn't use equipment racks?

I'm considering rearranging our server room, and have come to a
crossroads. Amongst other decisions, I need to choose whether to
continue with our simple shelving approach, or start using equipment
racks. I have experience with the latter, but effectively none with
the former, so I'm hoping someone out there can offer me a grand tour.

Do any of you who've got one within 20km of Perth CBD, reckon you
could give me a peek at your rackless - or only partially racked -
server room? I'm not looking for the perfect example of such a setup,
just another perspective, because ours has grown and evolved to a
pretty poor state!


-- Gregory Orange
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