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James Bromberger james at rcpt.to
Wed Aug 3 17:21:15 WST 2011

Hello all,

Hopefully you're aware that we're flying Rusty Russell to Perth for our
October presentation. This is the first time that PLUG is bringing in a
speaker from interstate. Many of you may be aware of Rusty's history as
the creator of the current firewalling implementation, iptables, and the
previous implementation ipchains, as well as the lguest virtualisation
system. Some of you will have seen Rusty present at Linux.conf.au, and
know that regardless of the topic, he is an entertaining and engaging

At the May 2011 PLUG meeting, a show of hands demonstrated we should
break even on this by selling tickets. PLUG now needs your help to get
the word out. There is a link to a simple poster below; it would be
great if you could print just one copy, and stick it somewhere
appropriate where others will see it. Your work place, your university,
your local shops, your local library. If you can get one person
interested in coming along, that would be a great help in breaking even
on this. if we're successful, we'll do it again - so start thinking
about whom you want to have come and talk.

Members tickets ($20) need to be paid for before the event; please help
us with our planning by organising your ticket now. On the night at the
door it will be $50 for everyone. UWA Comp Sci students get a free
ticket - but still need to email the supplied address to get a spot
(help us plan).

(400 KB or so)

This event is a litmus for PLUG. Linux.conf.au was last here in 2003;
this event is an opportunity to show that there is enough interest to
make this small event succeed. if you would like to help, please let
Daniel and me know.

Many thanks for your help,

  James & Daniel
/Mobile:/ +61 422 166 708, /Email:/ james_AT_rcpt.to
PLUG President 2011: http://www.plug.org.au <http//www.plug.org.au>
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