[plug] "Photo Book" Software

Tim White weirdit at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 17:47:10 WST 2011

On 09/12/11 15:51, Simon Wise wrote:
> On 09/12/11 07:45, Tim White wrote:
>> Does anyone have any suggests for Open Source software for designing and
>> creating things like photo books? (Photo albums where all the 
>> layout/frames etc
>> are printed like one big image).
>> BigW uses some java based software, and it would be nice to have 
>> something else
>> that was usable offline and then could export each page as a jpg.
>> My searching so far has been fruitless, so maybe it would be a good 
>> thing to
>> write if anyone has the skills
> Why not just use Scribus, Gimp or Imagemagick (montage) depending on 
> the way you prefer to work?
I'm looking for something that's easy for all family members to use. 
I've thought of Sribus, just not sure it's workflow is easy enough. Been 
using search words like scrapbooking and photo books. There is software 
out there, just not much in the open source world.

I found CEWE who make software that is apparently resold to many other 
photo companies in Europe. http://www.cewe-photobook.co.uk/download.php
It appears to be a nice piece of software, exactly what I'm after, 
except it is locked into the providers for producing the photobooks. I 
know that many photobook printers want you to use their web software, 
but if you had the 24 pages already designed and exported in high 
quality images, then you'd just upload the 24 pictures, set each to a 
single page fullsize and be done!

Interesting enough, it's save format is a xml file and a folder of 
pictures, so it might be possible to script and "export" function, and 
if I was to write some software, using their save format might be a good 
idea (or at least having an import/export to their format).



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