[plug] Nepomuk problem.

Marcos Raul Carot Collins marcos.carot at gmail.com
Sun Jan 2 07:17:08 WST 2011

On Dom, 2 Ene 2011 06:59:08 Jim Leven escribió:
> Greetings for the New Year.
> I have recently encountered a problem, in which Nepomuk starts what
> seems to be an indexing process that fills up my /home partition.
> My first suspicion was a trojan or virus, vut I have run Clamav and
> it reports no problems.  Nepomuk is, according to the web, part of
> the THunderbird suite.
> Any suggestions would be welcome.
> Jim Leven
> jleven at geoseis.com.au
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Hi Jim,

Nepomuk is not part of Thunderbird but of KDE. Nepomuk is the semantic desktop 
engine that indexes you archives, manages tagging etc.

If it is filling your home folder I would check which folders it is indexing, 
as maybe it is indexing a big number of archives in other partitions/ drives?

To check that go to KDE's System Settings > Advanced > Desktop search (it may 
have slightly different names, mine is in Spanish so the English version may 
not be a litteral translation as I am doing!) 

There you go to file indexing and check which folders it is indexing. You may 
want to untick some areas.

Of course doing so means that searches in file contents and tags on those 
folders will be much slower as they are not indexed.



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