[plug] Named nfs exports?

Brad Campbell brad at fnarfbargle.com
Mon Jan 10 21:27:20 WST 2011

G'day all,

I've got a largeish network that was built around a set of exports on a central server :


Is there any way I can re-arrange the server and relocate the mounted filesystems without 
reconfiguring the clients? For a dumb example, something like

/raid1  - > /server/backups
/raid2  -> /server/media
/raid3  -> /server/work
/raid4  -> /server/archives

With CIFS and Samba it's a piece of cake, you just change smb.conf and the clients are none the 
wiser. I've just not managed to find a way to do something similar with NFS.

I could just migrate the clients to CIFS I suppose, but seeing as it's a purely Linux network, I 
know NFS/UDP is more efficient and it's just easier to manage with user mapping.

Suggestions really welcome, I'm at a total loss.


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