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Thu Jan 13 16:53:22 WST 2011

Preamble: I'm mostly a lurker, probably will be for a long time yet.
PLUG is a great mailing list with helpful friendly people. I don't
recall a flame war here for the past few years, which is a testament
to the temperament of the subscribers.

On 13 January 2011 16:24, James Bromberger <james at rcpt.to> wrote:
> I'd like to thank the previous committee for their time and effort. I know
> it has been a difficult year for PLUG; the official membership numbers
> reflect this. There are a lot of people lurking on this mailing list who I

I've been waiting for a few years for some sort of automated reminder
telling me I'm not financial and where to send the cash. I think it
was even discussed on the list a long time ago. That's how SAGE-AU
gets my cash each year (:

> If everyone comes and puts their $10 in the "pot", we have a new challenge;
> what do we do with the money? It's no good sitting in the bank earning
> pretty much no interest. We need ideas, people. No, transferring it all to
> your Cayman Island account is not feasible, sorry. We're looking for ideas
> that make PLUG do what YOU would like it to do. Here's some suggestions
> (they're just ideas at the moment):
> Send a random (financial) member to LCA 2012, where ever it is; cover

I'm not really fond of that idea. LCA isn't expensive, and if I want a
lottery I'll buy a scratchie (:

> Bring interesting speakers in from over East or overseas. We'd cover cost,
> and possibly billet the speaker at one of our collective houses. Who would
> you like to speak to? Tridge? Rusty? JDub? Pia? Someone from laptop.org.au
> (OLPC)? Others - please tell us!

Awesome idea. Any of the above!

> Run an install fest? Who can we appoint as the person to run this? You'll
> need to find a suitable venue. We could possibly supply drinks?
> Run a BBQ?
> Run a pub meet (possibly monthly)? That is... a drink and a chat. How hard
> is that. Just chose a pub with good transport options (preferably options so
> that people have a chance to get home without driving
> Help a charity/school/whatever - there are may out there that don't have
> much in the way of tech skills, so a weekend of setting something up, or
> developing some LAMP/Java/whatever software could be invaluable to them??

I like all of those ideas. Perhaps some sort of business incubation
assistance too? That could tie in with helping a
school/charity/whatever - help an aspiring businessperson to help
people with GNU-Linuxy computer stuff.

Gregory Orange

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