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On 22/07/11 20:14, Tim wrote:
> I'm looking for some simple (probably PHP based) billing software that
> will easily allow me to bill customers, with recurring bills and not
> balk when the customer is in credit and so doesn't owe us anything but
> still send them the monthly invoice.
> I'm currently playing with simpleinvoices.org but am wondering what
> other people use. Ideally I want a piece of software that has been
> updated in the last 12 months, so semi active development is good,
> unless I can find a project that is really mature.
> PDF invoices would be nice, but text emails is also ok. And it doesn't
> need integration with credit card/paypal systems, manual processing of
> payments is just fine.
> Thanks guys!
> Tim

Hi Tim,

I used "Amber DMS " for a while last year.  It didn't quite cut it for 
my needs (I wanted inventory management and a few other options) but it  
was a reasonable product.  It was designed with ISP's and the like in 
mind...    It's freely downloadable (open source), and/or they will host 
it for you @ $125.00 /yr  The company is based in NZ.

Amberdms is php based, does recurring bills and does PDF invoices..... 
so it seems to cover a number of your requirements.

See: http://www.amberdms.com/index.php?cms=products_billing_overview

I've recently been playing with a product called xTuple  
(http://www.xtuple.com/)  The "Postbooks" version is free but quite 
complex and may be more than you need....   it's aimed at the 
'manufacturing' industry, although they are trying to make it more 
generic.   It's not php based (requires an App) but it is client/server 
based (runs on a postgres database).

I'm a "system builder" (custom PC's) and like the powerful inventory 
control to track components....   but I'm not convinced it's worth the 
extra effort.  Its a powerful.... but complex application.

I'm currently leaning towards something more simple like gnucash...  
(http://www.gnucash.org/)  It's not web/php based but I don't really 
need remote/web access so not an issue for me.

Hope this gives you a few ideas....


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