[plug] Need permanent Kubuntu boot to command line. Correction...

Jim Householder nofixed at westnet.com.au
Fri Jun 10 22:34:12 WST 2011

On 06/10/11 15:36, Jeremy Kerr wrote:
> Hi Jim,
>> Otherwise, if you don't want to ever start kdm (even manually), you can
>> just:
>>   sudo mv /etc/init/kdm.conf /etc/init/kdm.conf.disabled
> Or, even better (allowing manual start), just comment-out the 'start on'
> stanza in that file.
> Cheers,
Those changes result in a black screen with a blinking cursor in the 
upper left corner.

Ctrl-Alt-Del powers down as per configuration,  and Alt-Fn will switch 
to a functional VT.  Otherwise the keyboard appears to be ignored.

So while not elegant, they work.  I basically have Kubuntu installed 
beside Gentoo to test it and use it as a backup for times when I stuff 
my Gentoo system.

The old Red Hat way of doing things is gone, and it's a rather steep 
learning curve to catch up.

Dragged kicking and screaming into the present...

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