[plug] Bioinformatics and Backyard Bio-Hacking Workshop

Daniel Harmsworth atrophy at caffeinator.net
Mon Jun 13 12:49:30 WST 2011

Greets all,

Taking off my PLUG OCM hat and putting on my Artifactory Chairman hat
for a moment, I would like to invite any interested PLUG members to
the Artifactory this Saturday (18th June) from 10am for a workshop on
Bioinformatics and backyard bio-hacking presented by visiting hacker
Hugo Herter from Hackerspace Brussels.

You will need to bring a laptop as there will be practical components
working on the beginning stages of designing your own custom bacteria.
We can only guarantee that the software will work under GNU/Linux or
Mac OSX, it has not been tested under Winwoes.

The event is free to attend however your patronage at the drinks
fridge is much appreciated by the Artifactory Treasury!

Further details are available on the Artifactory Wiki at

Daniel Harmsworth
Chairman, The Perth Artifactory Inc.

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