[plug] Speakers - please suggest or volunteer

James Bromberger james at rcpt.to
Tue Jun 21 18:07:24 WST 2011

Hello all,
Roll up, roll up, give a talk at PLUG! Our current schedule of talks is:

July 12: Ubuntu One (venue TBA) - James H
August 9: Supercomputer (possibly at Murdoch) - Bill K
September 13: *NOTHING*
October 11: Rusty Russell @ UWA (Tickets $20 for members; $50 non-members)

We need a speaker for September. Please volunteer, or make a suggestion
of what you'd like to hear or do! Also, if you'd like to give a 5 minute
"Lightning Talk" after the main presentation, please let committee know.

Also - please note that since we're having to split the cost of Rusty's
flight/expenses amongst us - please pay for your ticket *now*.

Lastly - PLUG membership is going up to $20 full, $10 concession on the
1st of July. Renew now to avoid the higher cost (limit 1 year renewal).

/Mobile:/ +61 422 166 708, /Email:/ james_AT_rcpt.to
PLUG President 2011: http//www.plug.org.au
Perth.pm Organiser 2011: http://perth.pm.org
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