[plug] network log reporting

wolfbite wolfbite.aus at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 17:20:32 WST 2011

be gentle with me and dont make my head hurt too much :)

I have multiple computers connected to my network
I've setup a OLD computer and screen to be an information computer 
(computer & screen  perm on)

I currently have it running with
ubuntu maverick
xorg openbox
conky clock
conky wearther
conky googlecalendar (love conky :)

looking at displaying syslog & such from multiple computers (local 
already ok)

what I want is a SIMPLE :) system where I can send syslogs or other data 
from any computer to monitor computer.
I dont want the info going external (ie out via isp then back, security 
&spam reasons)
but I would like to keep it simple without maintaining a full blown mail 
server etc.

seems like theres LOTS of ways but seem quit convoluted
looked at offlineimap, postfix, exim, etc and my brain is glazing over

any pointing into the right direction appreciated


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