[plug] How not to drive to Mongolia

Patrick Coleman blinken at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 19:26:01 WST 2011

Hi PLUGgers,

A few of you might be aware that I'm participating in a car rally with
some friends this coming July - driving from London to Mongolia in a
vastly inappropriate 1.2L Skoda Fabia [1]. The aim of this exercise is
to raise money for the Christina Noble Children's foundation, which
helps disadvantaged kids in Mongolia and Vietnam.

Starting in Portsmouth, UK, we'll be driving through 16 countries over
the course of about four weeks from the 23rd of July to end up in
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia by the 21st of August (assuming we don't break
down 10km from the starting line). We'll be updating our blog at
http://perthtoyurt.com as we go (and we've got some info up there now
on the route) - I understand Wordpress does all sorts of RSS-y things
to assist you in following our every move, and you can also follow us
on Twitter @PerthToYurt if that's your thing.

Once we get to Ulaanbaatar, we'll be selling our trusty steed and
donating the money to charity. More than 500 teams do this every year,
and generally raise the better part of a million pounds.

It's going to be crazy fun, but we need your assistance in the form of
a donation to the Christina Noble Children's Foundation. You can read
about the charity and how to donate at
http://perthtoyurt.com/charities - any amount would be greatly
appreciated. We're doing this via EverydayHero, so it's all fully tax
deductible (and the money goes straight to the CNCF).

Why am I posting this on the PLUG list? Because if PLUG members can
raise $250 between you, we'll get some tux-on-a-swan stickers printed
up and stick them all over the car, then take photos with Yurts in the
background, etc. How can you resist? :) Just make sure you mark your
donation with 'PLUG' in some way (or send me an email) so we'll know
to add it to the total.

In summary: we would very much appreciate any donation you can make,
and it's all going to assist kids in Mongolia (and Vietnam). Subscribe
to the blog! :)



[1] http://perthtoyurt.com/car/

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