[plug] Hash / pound prefix for mysql tables

Steve Baker steve at iinet.net.au
Wed May 4 21:51:44 WST 2011

On 04/05/11 16:08, Shanon Loughton wrote:
> HI all
> Im curious if anyone knows what this means in Joomla Virtuemart 
> plugin's PHP code:
> "SELECT * FROM #__{vm}_user_info"
> What is the #__{vm}_?
> Does it mean its a temporary table? Or a regexp-like prefix - "look 
> for the table that has any bunch of characters then the letters 'vm'"?

In Joomla the initial #_ is the table prefix for the website, which 
normally defaults to 'jos_'.  Joomla tables have names like 
jos_blahblah, although you can specify a different prefix during 

I'm not sure what the {vm} might mean, none of the Joomla modules I use 
have anything like that.  I suspect that it is either a literal part of 
the table name, or perhaps there is a variable called 'vm' that is 
substituted into the table name.

> Im trying to redefine it somewhere in the config of Joomla but its not 
> a PHP variable/declaration.
> thanks for any help
> Shanon


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