[plug] Mines faster than yours :) (fwd for Bill K)

James Bromberger james at rcpt.to
Wed May 4 22:31:12 WST 2011

/Message from Bill Kenworthy forwarded to list on his behalf....

As some of you may be aware, Murdoch University is hosting what is
currently the second most powerful supercomputer** in Australia (and
ranked #87 in the world).

This Thursday lunchtime (12.30pm) there will be a presentation from
Professor Bellgard in ECL 1 on this and related work done by the Centre
for Comparative Genomics - and then we'll open the doors and you can
have a look at the beast.  If you want to see what the latest,
containerized supercomputer looks like, this is your chance.

Relevance? - it runs Linux of course (Centos 5.5 to be exact :)




* this is one of a number of sessions put on by Murdoch Universities
School of IT for the edification our students - but PLUG members are
welcome too!

** Finally, a machine I can run OpenOffice at a decent speed on!

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