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Scott Middleton scott at assuretek.com.au
Thu May 5 07:49:08 WST 2011

> Long story short I installed it up in a fresh Ubuntu VM and had a play with
> it and was impressed enough to request a trial license. I ran up an XP VM
> and installed BESX on it. Then I went and bought a blackberry.
> Awesome.. just awesome. Finally I get instant* (where instant is anywhere
> from 10 to 30 seconds) real time sync between my calendar, contacts and
> e-mail.
> Now Zimbra is $399USD for a Starter edition (which buys you all the
> features but only 15 licenses) for a year subscription, but only in the US.
> Of course because we live in Australia we have to pay a 40% premium to buy
> it from a local distributor. Long story short I found a bug in one of the
> european on-line e-tailers that would allow me to buy it on line and in USD,
> so I saved a bit on the exchange rate also.
> Before I went to google apps premium and stopped having to do any work at
all to get mobile sync to my android and my wifes iPhone (other than typing
in my username and password). I used Funambol. http://www.funambol.com/

Looks like it has expanded a bit since the couple of years I have used it.
But it was quite easy to setup and allowed in the cloud sync with a lot of
different devices.
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