[plug] 64 Bit Upgrade of Ubuntu

Dion Curchin tenzero at iinet.net.au
Sun May 15 10:12:27 WST 2011

On 14/05/11 18:16, Tim wrote:
> I don't believe it is possible.
> However, a clean install can be made as much like an old install if you want.
> Use dpkg to get the list of packages (look at dpkg --get-selections)
> Backup your /etc, your /var and /home. (Ideally you'd have /home on
> it's own partition.
> Probably also use debconf to spit out it's config details for
> installed packages as well.
> Then do clean install, restore package list, (restore debconf config
> first), compare differences between /etc/ and your /etc/ backup.
> Restore /var bits that you need.
> Done
> Tim
Thanks Tim,

I do have /home on its own partition and I had thought of fetching a 
dpkg -get-selections to help restore from a clean install.

I had not thought to back up and selectively recover /etc and /var.

I get backing up and comparing /etc now that I think about it. Although 
/etc is holding configuration type information which I can't see a 
reason it would change between 32 & 64 bit. So I would only really be 
looking at recovering post install customisations to /etc. Is that correct?

However and this shows a gap in my knowledge, but what could be in /var 
that is worth keeping? Apart from maybe logs.

Again thanks for your feedback.


> On 14 May 2011 16:41, Dion Curchin<tenzero at iinet.net.au>  wrote:
>> Hi, Google isn't being all that helpful today.
>> So. Does anyone know if its possible to upgrade Ubuntu Natty from 32 Bit to
>> 64 Bit? All the google results suggest that it can't be done and that a
>> clean install is required. However all the results seem to be old, like 2008
>> kind of old.
>> I don't really get why such an upgrade can't be done though. The
>> dist-upgrade process replaces the kernel, system binaries and drivers, so
>> why can't that be done and simply replace those things for the latest
>> version in 64 bit?
>> Any thoughts smart people?
>> Cheers.
>> Dion.
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