[plug] anyone using sandy bridge and even sata3 ssd?

Dion tenzero at iinet.net.au
Sun May 15 15:32:10 WST 2011

On 15/05/11 14:59, cottmain at iinet.net.au wrote:
> Hi
> just wondering if anyone is using sandy bridge and even sata3 ssd and 
> if they have any feedback or comments please?
> [especially things like distro and if stock kernel, onboard graphics 
> and drivers?, motherboard and bios].
> I have read Linux Magazine April 2011 which has some strong positives 
> on most things but still seems to raise some concerns about graphics.
The phoronix website and the open benchmarking sister site offer some 
insights into performance/stability with Sandy Bridge and P67 chipset 
motherboards. Phoronix has reviews of P67 chipset motherboards and 
Corei7/i5/i3 from the Sandy Bridge family.

http://www.phoronix.com <http://www.phoronix.com/>
http://openbenchmarking.org <http://openbenchmarking.org/>

At open benchmarking you can check if your motherboard / cpu and other 
parts have been benchmarked. The performance is less of a big deal 
compared to whether it simply worked and what distro/kernel they utilised.

The main issue is the GPU inside the sandybridge processor. It seems to 
need at least a 2.6.38 or 39 kernel to get correct performance. So a 
very recent distro like Ubuntu 11.04 will cover it.

There is a review of the  OCZ Vertex 2 SSD at phoronix and some mention 
of OCZ and intel SSD's at open benchmarking. These may help. 
Specifically about sata 3 is less clear.


> thank you
> Daniel Beard
> ps I am still a current financial member but sometimes can't keep up 
> with everything!
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