[plug] APC 15A -> C19 ( or equiv ) power cable, anyone?

Nathan D natdan at gmail.com
Mon May 16 12:08:53 WST 2011

I can't help with supplying the required part, but would it be an option to
get the necessary parts and make your own (with the assistance of a licensed
Most electrical wholesalers (i.e. Lawrence & Hanson - www.lh.com.au), should
have 15A plugs and the appropriate 3 core flex in stock.  I don't know how
common the "IEC320 C19" socket is though?

Good luck on your mission.

  Nathan D.

On 16 May 2011 10:38, Chris Hoy Poy <chris at hoypoy.id.au> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Urgently chasing a 15A -> "IEC320-C19" power plug - these usually go in
> PDUs or UPSs
> The APC part number is AP9897.
> http://www.apc.com/resource/include/techspec_index.cfm?base_sku=AP9897
> Done the normal chase around, if anyone has one of these spare, drop me a
> line pls - have a couple inbound from eastern states but they aren't going
> to get here in time (of course!).
> cheers
> Chris Hoy Poy
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