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Mon May 16 15:31:43 WST 2011

On 14 May 2011 14:25, Haydon Knight <nodyah at gmail.com> wrote:
> You say that only 44/370 members have coughed up the $10 annual fee.  That's
> 12%.  Have you considered an alternative way to doubling revenue would,
> rather than doubling the annual fee, be to increase the number of members
> coughing up to 88/370 (24% - still a very small percentage)?

Agreed. I don't mind a $20 fee in the least, but charging more people
a $10 fee is better (:

> Perhaps one way might be to have an easily-accessible 'donate' or 'pay dues'
> page on the plug website that takes members to paypal or somewhere where
> they can pay their money in an single-step/easy/internety way.  Right now it
> is actually a multi-step non-automated hassle to pay the membership fee -
> perhaps it is this hassle that is preventing greater numbers coughing up.

I'm lazy. I don't happen to visit the PLUG website. I don't expect I
will any time soon. I read my email regularly. If I receive an
automated message every year saying "click her to pay your dues" or
"here's the details to send money", I'll probably do it. I'm glad
there's some action on tidying up the process.

I've said a variant of this a few times over the years. I think I last
paid my dues in 2007 or so, maybe 2005. I'm really not fussed, but if
you want my cash, prompt me with info I can use (:

Gregory Orange

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