[plug] Membership status - web form to get details sent to you

James Bromberger james at rcpt.to
Wed May 18 10:37:04 WST 2011

Hello all,

While we are continuing to make improvements to our membership database,
I know one request that has come up has been for people to determine
their membership status. This was integrated in the previous PLUG web
site, but has not yet been done on the current /Drupal/ powered web site.

While not a complete (or elegant) solution, I have quickly coded up a
simple interface to send your PLUG membership details to you by email.
Enter your email address at
*http://www.plug.org.au/cgi-bin/membership_email_send.cgi* and you
should get an email in a few minutes with the details that PLUG has on
you - including if your membership is active or expired. If you have
changed email address, or have any of the details to update, please let
committee know and we'll update.

As a longer term solution, Tim White and Daniel Harmsworth have started
a project which (thus far) is called "/User Group Membership Manager/"
to put together a solution to handle membership tasks that could be used
by any user group - the mailing list is at
*http://lists.plug.org.au/mailman/listinfo/ugmm* if you'd like to join
in the discussions. It's very early days (the mailing list was created
on Monday), so requirements and thoughts are still being thrashed out
there; if you're a member of a separate group then perhaps you may have
some insights on what data you need to capture and manage for members.
This is not focused solely on /Linux/ User Groups (LUGs), but any type
of User Group. *http://www.plug.org.au/projects/ugmm/* is a work in
progress for this effort (/its pretty empty right now as I made the page
20 seconds ago!/).



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