[plug] LDAP Design thoughts

Tim weirdit at gmail.com
Sat May 21 12:55:00 WST 2011

I'm posting this to the main list hoping someone with some experience
can offer suggestions.

Basically we are implementing a LDAP directory to hold our membership database.
I've created a new objectClass to hold payments (just basic details,
amount, date, description).

What I'm trying to work out, is the best place to store these objects.
If I store them underneath each user, then they are automatically
connected to the user, and I don't need to store a reference between
the users and their payments (and the reverse).
Or, I can store them in another organisational unit, and store a link.

The first option could look like

Users dn

Payment dn's

The second would have payments like so:

This second way would require another attribute (most likely in each
payment) referring back the user who's payments they are.

Is there any reason for one over the other? Efficiency? Structural organisation?


Timothy White - Somewhere in Australia

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