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James Bromberger james at rcpt.to
Thu Sep 1 16:36:55 WST 2011

On 1/09/2011 4:26 PM, Alexander Hartner wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just joined the group officially today. Been on the mailing list for a little bit longer. After joining I have a few questions:
> 1.) Mail Server
> On the member page it says :
> Mail sent to your PLUG email address (alex at plug.org.au) is being delivered to your PLUG home directory. You can read it by POP3 or IMAP to mail.plug.org.au, or by logging in to a PLUG machine and using mutt.
> I have tried to configure an account on my mail client however it does not seem to connect. Is there anything special I need to do. I tried the default ports with and without SSL. At one stage I was asks to accept a certificate for plug.labyrinthdata.net.au rather then mail.plug.org.au. I accepted it in any case also this is something we should address. 

Possibly broken, needs looking at! ;) Mail runs through Pot. One of the
options with Shameless is perhaps we move member email addresses to
@members.plug.org.au, or get Pot to also read from the Postgress DB and
do some dynamic aliasing (along with the few static ones on there,
including the integration of Mailman that happens there).

> 2.) Incoming mail
> I then decided to email myself and got a bounce back. 
> <alex AT plug.org.au>: host plug.org.au.s9a1.psmtp.com[] said: 550
>    5.1.1 <alex AT plug.org.au>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in local
>    recipient table (in reply to RCPT TO command)
> Is this supposed to work, or is this a work in progress.

As above, possibly broken; Probably should be generated out of the
Postgress database. Needs looking at! ;)

> 3.) Mailing list moderation
> I am still being moderated on the mailing list. 

I think I got that - you're subscribed as plug at j2, but you're posting
from alex at j2, so since they are different email addresses, they get
held, but I've just added your alex at j2 address to the accept list, so
that shouldn't delay any more...

> 4.) Discussion
> Being new I am still finding my way around. Is there a place where us pluggers hang out. I had a look on the IRC and Mumble channels, but didn't find anyone. If there isn't that is not a problem, just thought I better ask than miss out.

IRC is the main place to loiter; Mumble if you're having an active chat.
We've been using Mumble for Committee meetings recently and found it
quite effective (and beats driving across town). Mumble has "rooms";
some we have pre-defined, others you can probably make on the fly.
Mumble is available via IPv6 and IPv4 (as are all services on Bath). If
you're not familiar with Mumble, think "teamspeak", but open source, and
using the very good CELT codec (http://www.celt-codec.org/). Highly
recommend headphones at minimum (reduce audio feedback to others), and
headset (with mic).

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