[plug] PLUG Meeting this Tuesday 13 September; PLUG in the Pub with IBM; Rusty next month; Who else to bring to Perth; Summer BBQ...

James Bromberger james at rcpt.to
Sat Sep 10 23:52:48 WST 2011

Hello all,

A reminder that PLUG is meeting again *this Tuesday, 13th September*,
kindly hosted at the UCC at UWA again (above the UWA tavern), starting
at 7pm; PLUG member *Greg Orange* will be presenting about *hierarchical
storage management (HSM)*. Live video stream should also be available
again from just before 7pm on http://icecast.plug.org.au:8000/ - thanks
to those helping on the AV crew (exact URLs will probably be echoed
around when the stream starts; please also loiter in the PLUG IRC
channel to give your feedback). If you're interested in presenting a 5
minute (or less) lightning talk on any topic directly after Greg please
let me know - something you've been hacking on, or found out about and
want to share....

As an early reminder, we have the *PLUG in the Pub* event on *Monday
26th September*, back at *The Moon & Six Pence* in the middle of the
city. This time we have some visitors; IBM have asked if they can come
and buy a round of drinks and talk to anyone who may have a project
they're working on and would like to find a company to take it to
market. So if you'd like to look into this, or just enjoy a free drink,
come on down! ;)

Also, there is now just one month to go until *Rusty Russell* is here
for PLUG. If you haven't purchased (and paid for) your ticket, it will
be full price on the night ($50)! We'll send out full details of the
evening in a week or two. This is being hosted at the UWA Geography
Lecture Theatre 1 at UWA (thanks to Dr Chris McDonald of UWA CS). We
have a hard limit of 100 people in the venue so make sure you have your
ticket (email tickets at plug.org.au for details; $20 members, $50
non-members, free for Uni CS/IT students but you still need to reserve a
ticket). Thanks to Daniel H for tracking this.

We're also starting to plan whom else we should bring to Perth next year
for a talk. We're looking for suggestions of /Interesting People/ that
you'd like to hear/meet/talk to.

As always, check the PLUG calendar on the PLUG web site (or subscribe to
it in your favourite calendaring software). We've also got a Summer BBQ
coming up in early December, and talks scheduled for November and
December now (and of course, January is the AGM). If you'd like to help
out with the video team please subscribe to the AV mailing list on
http://lists.plug.org.au/ and introduce yourself.

A big thank you to Nick B and Daniel H who added a second CPU to our
host Bath (Icecast server, Mumble server, etc) that Jason N had picked
up off ebay; and swapping the Ethernet port on /Shameless/ to one that
... works. We have a few people now interested in looking after
Shameless, so hopefully the authentication issues can be sorted and
members can shell in once more (host your web content, whatever you want
- within reason!). Thanks also to Jason for organising the shirts that
are coming in a few weeks; we're also looking at a cheaper T-Shirt
option soon. We're also getting closer to being able to offer PayPal as
an alternative for PLUG payments (again, thanks to Jason).

PLUG membership now stands at 72 people (thanks to Peter L who has been
keeping on top of memberships).

And for those of you who remember, tomorrow, September 11, marks 10
years since... I gave a my first PLUG presentation (on Debian). I know a
few people on list were there at the time. I got about half way through
when news of world events  interrupted us...
/Mobile:/ +61 422 166 708, /Email:/ james_AT_rcpt.to
PLUG President 2011: http://www.plug.org.au <http//www.plug.org.au>
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