[plug] Apache ProxyRequests or RewriteEngine?

Tim White weirdit at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 08:27:06 WST 2011

Hi Shanon,

I'm not sure if you are confused about the uses of proxyrequests and 
rewrite engine?

It sounds like you have a domain somewhere (http://newexampledomain.com) 
that you want to server from your home computer? You'll need to have the 
DNS updated to point the domain to your home computer. If for example, 
your home computer is on a dynamic ip address, and you use something 
like dyndns to point a free domain to it, you can use CNAME's in DNS to 
point the domain to the home computer.


newexampledomain.com CNAME myhomecomputer.freednsprovider.com
Then you tell the apache webserver at home to listen for both domain 
names (or just the newexampledomain one if you want). When a computer 
accesses newexampledomain.com, it'll lookup the ipaddress and get the 
CNAME, which it'll then resolve to an ip address,  but will still be 
using the newexampledomain.com address.

Proxy requests is mainly used when you want another server to appear as 
it's on the main server. For example:
I have exampledomain.com hosted on, but I have another server at that contains all my source code repository browser (also a web 
server). However, I want most of my web pages served from except 
I want the to appear like it's also on the same server. I can 
then use proxyrequests so that http://exampledomain.com/sourcecode will 
actually fetch things from the server, not the server. 
However, the client doesn't connect to, the server will 
fetch the content from and send it to the client. It's often 
used when for example the server is in a private network and not 
publicly accessible.

Lastly, rewriteengine is for changing what resource is actually fetched 
from the server. So your client connects to 
http://exampledomain.com/random/page/of/apples and the rewriteengine 
matches some pattern and internally rewrites the address to 
/myscript.php, and then myscript.php is responsible for serving the 
content based on the url used.

I hope that all makes a bit more sense. Please try and explain exactly 
what you are trying to do (using examples of what people type in the 
browser, and where you want the content to come from).


On 27/09/11 01:11, Shanon Loughton wrote:
> Hi everyone
> Im trying to proxy a home server to a new domain name, and I have 
> access to Cpanel and the .htaccess file, but not the Cpanel httpd.conf 
> file.
> As far as I can tell I have rewriteengine available to me but I can't 
> tell if "proxyrequests on" works? Im trying to mask the home url address.
> cheers
> Shanon
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