[plug] Computer Club ideas for kids.

Alexander Hartner alex at j2anywhere.com
Tue Aug 28 13:36:38 WST 2012

Hi all,

Since my previous reply seem to have taking the discussion in another direction, I thought best to start a separate branch.

I agree with Bret that if there isn't anything else, maybe we should start something ourselves. Next year I will find out more what is offered by my kids school. So far it sound interesting, but by no means technical enough for my taste. But then again not everyone using a computer is going to be a computer programmer. Maybe we should start out by collecting area of interest which are not covered by what is currently available. 

Maybe we should begin by setting up a area on the website where we collect what areas are covered by what group/provider and which area have most interest / demand.

Have fun

On 26/08/2012, at 8:03 PM, Euan de Kock <euan at dekock.net> wrote:

> Hi fellow pluggers,
> I'm looking for a bit of advice and thought I'd put it to the PLUG
> people in the first instance...
> I've been asked by a recent arrival to Australia if there are any clubs
> etc that a kid could get involved in - the kid in question is about 14,
> keen on all things computer related - not just a gamer.
> Based in a northern suburb, but any ideas would be welcome.
> Many Thanks in advance,
> Regards,
> Euan.
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