[plug] Linux.conf.au Meeting Mon 20th

Paul Del - Info Technology Systems p at delfante.it
Tue Feb 7 13:59:16 WST 2012

Hey Guys

Who else is will be attending our next userconf meeting for a future
Linux.conf.au in Perth
Monday 20th at 630PM.

More help the better. I know a few guys are busy because of work
I know James Brown expressed interest.
Is it easier to have it in the CBD or Subiaco(someone mentioned) ?
We could alternate them North and South.
Can we get a show of hands who will attend and if your North or South?

# Is there anyone else wanting to join the core organising team?

Don't forget the previous meeting notes.

As well as the meeting on mumble for Monday the 13th 6:30PM

Paul Del

Thanking you. Paul Del Fante
Smarter Cutting edge Info Tech Systems Communications.
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