[plug] warning - cover your ears: can I get a full windoze install dvd from a recovery partition?

Gavin Chester gavin.chester at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 20:34:46 WST 2012

On 12/02/12 18:31, Shaun Budding wrote:
> I would just do a fresh install of 'Windowz' using the below CDN links
> and the product key provided with your laptop;
> Home Premium x64
> http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/win/X17-58997.iso
> Professional x64
> http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/win/X17-59186.iso
> Ultimate x64
> http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/win/X17-59465.iso
> Home Premium x86
> http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/win/X17-58996.iso
> Professional x86
> http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/win/X17-59183.iso
> Ultimate x86
> http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/win/X17-59463.iso
> If you need to transfer any existing data/settings just do it manually?
> Shaun


What a good source! Having been with linux for about 12 years and not 
having been anything but a reluctant (at work) windoze user in all that 
time, I had no idea that I might be able to easily access disc images.

So as I see it, the easiest thing to do is:
1/ use recommended technique to create a windows recovery cd from the 
recovery partition (just in case, before wiping it);
2/ reallocate the wasted windows partition to something useful in linux;
3/ install windows in a vm using the downloaded image and existing 
product key. Brilliant (hopefully!)



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