[plug] WA Govenment iPads for year 1 and 2 students

Alexander Hartner alex at j2anywhere.com
Sat Feb 25 04:23:14 WST 2012

Thanks Brad,

On my Gentoo box I haven't got avahi installed. I do however have mDNSResponder running. Yet it doesn't look like this support the record subtype (_universal._sub._ipp._tcp) which is required for Airprint.  

A little digging in the code : 

status = mDNS_RegisterService(&mDNSStorage, &thisServ->coreServ,
                &name, &type, &domain,				// Name, type, domain
                NULL, mDNSOpaque16fromIntVal(portNumber),
                text, textLen,						// TXT data, length
                NULL, 0,							// Subtypes
                mDNSInterface_Any,					// Interface ID
                RegistrationCallback, thisServ);	// Callback and context

seems to confirm this, as the subtype is always set to Null (if I am reading it correctly)

I guess I could switch to avahi and follow the instructions :


On 24/02/2012, at 11:35 , Brad Campbell wrote:

> On 24/02/12 11:11, Brad Campbell wrote:
>> On 24/02/12 09:57, William Kenworthy wrote:
>>> Do you have "avahi" running? (its a service)
>>> and in
>> No, it's not even installed.
> I stand corrected. It _is_ installed and running. The fact I was sure it wasn't installed means it is running on whatever the out of the box install is on Debian.
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