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Alexander Hartner alex at j2anywhere.com
Wed Feb 29 01:15:00 WST 2012

Hi all,

Some of us might be getting IPv6 this year so I though to prepare myself for when the time it right. What I found out was that IPv6 does not support NAT which shocked me initially. I really like the separation of an internal and external network. It allowed me to configure my internal firewall to allow access to all machines on the internal network by simply specifying for example. Using NAT on my router also provided me with added security as I could map specific protocols to specific computers on the internal network. The fact that the internet was running out of addresses was really secondary in my thoughts as all I needed was a single IP address.

No with IPv6 on the horizon this is all about to change. I was wondering since several of the plug services already support IPv6 if anybody could give me some suggestion on how to deal with this ?

Will I need to setup a firewall around each and every device on my network ? Since each of them has an "external" address what is preventing anybody from accessing it if it didn't have a firewall.

In particular:
How can I identify all internal devices, do I have to list them individually ? Is this done with the prefix ?

My router allows me to set a prefix for internal devices which get their address from it using DHCP ? What is preventing me from picking the same prefix as somebody else and how is this handled ?

If my local DHCP server is offering IPv6 addresses how are conflicts handled ?

Is it possible to use a personalised scheme in the address. For example each machines in a given building (99) use a specific range (192.168.99.x). (Not that I have building, just in theory).

Thanks in advance

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