[plug] Help needed

Brad Campbell brad at fnarfbargle.com
Sun Jul 15 12:29:07 WST 2012

On 14/07/12 11:59, Simon Wise wrote:
> On 13/07/12 15:55, David Dartnall wrote:
>> the only reason for keeping Windows is the grandkids giving me an ipad.
>> V nice of them but....
> I think that iPads can be used quite fine with linux ... it was a while
> ago I was looking at this ... google would lead you in the right direction.

I love mine dearly and it interfaces nicely with Linux. The only thin I 
need to use windows for is managing the music with iTunes, as nobody has 
managed to break the DB v5 database yet. Virtualbox and a WinXP VM does 
a sterling job for that, and with iOS 5 or later once you've synced once 
over USB, you can use wireless syncing and never need to plug it in again.

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