[plug] World IPv6 Day - tomorrow, June 6th (and reminders about PLUG events)

James Bromberger james at rcpt.to
Tue Jun 5 10:56:17 WST 2012

Hello all,

A heads up as I've not seen anyone else on list mention it - tomorrow,
June 6th if "World IPv6 Day". While many people here have been playing
with or actively using IPv6 for the last... decade and a bit... its been
hampered by the majority of resources online not being accessible
natively using this protocol. Tomorrow this changes - major sites should
be publishing their IPv6 records in DNS alongside their IPv4 addresses.
For those with IPv6 connectivity, this i the next major stepping stone
to removing the dependency on IPv4.


For those with no IPv6 connectivity, then you shouldn't see many issues;
the information I've seen suggests less than 0.022% of requests were
somewhat slowed by a second or so. For the majority of people, it should
be transparent.

PLUG's current web site is not /yet/ on IPv6 but we are investigating
swapping resources around to enable the web site to enable this. Things
like PLUG's mumble and Icecast servers /are/ already IPv6 capable
(mumble.plug.org.au, icecast.plug.org.au).

An interesting article to pass around about schools in NSW adopting IPv6:

In other news, don't forget *tomorrow* is also the Perth tech community
meetup at SpaceCubed (45 St Georges Tce - old Reserve Bank building,
ground floor), and next *Tuesday 12th June *we have a special guest
flying in from Melbourne - Simon Elisha from Amazon Web Services to talk
about their cloud environment at City West Lotteries House, 2 Delhi St
West Perth, 7pm sharp (be there from 6:30pm).


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