[plug] Tonight's PLUG Meeting: Amazon Web Services

James Bromberger james at rcpt.to
Tue Jun 12 14:21:48 WST 2012

Hello all,

Tonight is the June presentation for PLUG - Simon Elsiha and Mark Brown
from Amazon (based out of Melbourne) have flown in to talk about  Amazon
Web Services - the Amazon Cloud.

I appreciate the weather is playing some concern for some people, so for
those with longer journeys or not wanting to test the elements, you may
wish to watch the presentation live on-line, and participate via IRC. To
watch, just point your browser at http://icecast.plug.org.au:8000/, and
sign into IRC on the channel #plug on irc.plug.org.au. For the rest of
us who will attend - our venue is again City West Lotteries House, 2
Delhi St, West Perth, right next to the West Perth train station; talk
starts at 7pm, but best to try to be there around 6:30pm.

Anyone wanting to help with the AV crew - turn up from around 5pm and
tell the group you'd like to help!


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